Best Buy is known for some crazy deals and this time around, it is bringing a classic deal that urged many consumers to get their hands on the highlighted product. For a limited time, best buy will give you a free Samsung TV with 32 inches’ screen size if you buy the S7 or the S7 edge outright or with instalment plan from its retail store or online store. The supported carriers are AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

You would be disappointed if you are expecting a top of the like 4k UHD TV. The deal will let you have a basic 720p TV that gets things done with its decent picture quality. The television normally retails for $200 and it is ideal for dorm rooms with low-cost gaming setup. If you are willing to spend some extra moolah, best buy will upgrade the TV to a 48 inch one for $250.Buy-a-Samsung-Galaxy-S7-and-get-a-free-Smart-TV-from-AT-ampT-1000x512

In any case, you are saving $200 with the purchase. To avail this offer, buyers simply have to add the handset to their digital cart and best buy will add the TV with the option to upgrade to the 48-inch model as mentioned before.

With the market slowing down, retailers and manufacturers have opted for various promotional schemes such as buy one get one free and other offers that get you free goodies like digital cash.

It is rumoured that, due to the slowdown, even the mighty Apple is looking towards promotional schemes to get the consumers interested in their wares which lost their initial charm.