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Would You Buy a Galaxy S7 If It Ran Tizen Instead of Android?

tizen-galaxy-s7-release-date-price-android-m-update-660x330It is a curious idea. The top android phone that is usually touted as the flagbearer for the operating system could run tizen operating system instead of android. It is no secret that android has reached such dominated position with the help from Samsung. It made some excellent phones such as the Galaxy S3 as well as the original note that made people looks toward big screened android phones instead of the tiny iPhone with their 3.5-inch display.

But here lies the trap for Samsung. The Korean tech giant is trapped within the world of android that is controlled by google. The services and the other aspects are under the direct supervision of google putting Samsung in a tight corner with a feeling of helplessness. It attempted to build a mobile operating system of its own called as tizen but it failed miserably. It failed many times over. It had all the bells and whistles of the major mobile operating system but it had one thing deficit. Apps.

Samsung encouraged many developers to create exclusive apps but in vain. What I think about this complication is a bit different from the traditional route.

Steve jobs originally hated the idea of native apps on a phone. He wanted the iPhone to use the web apps through the safari browser. It was a good idea until people around him convinced him of the benefits of the app store and its earnings potential.

Now apply the same towards Samsung’s position. The tizen phones lack quality hardware and apps. The Galaxy S7 has top notch specs and beautiful body. Maybe if Samsung put in tizen operating system on its superphone, people would be interested in the device. But then there is the lack of apps.

Google has recently revealed the ability to run up-to-date apps through the chrome mobile browser instead of downloading the full-fledged app. The purpose of it was to test and get familiar with the app before downloading them. Some people use apps only once and never look at them again. This is a boon for them. To use the app without downloading them.

Maybe if Samsung added this capability to the tizen and make android apps available without downloading them as google has shown, then It might have a chance in succeeded where other have failed.

Tizen is already a popular operating system in the world of smartwatches and smart TVs. Pushing it a bit further in the smartphone world could do the trick for Samsung and end the dependence on android and google.