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Note 7 User Interface Leaked

We are eagerly anticipating the new Note 6 or the Note 7, whatever Samsung might call in, in the coming months and the rumor mills are working overtime. We now have a solid look at the device user interface courtesy of folks at HDblog. The video shows an extensive look at the goodies that Samsung has in store for us. Let’s take a look.

Readers have to mind that this interface is still in the beta version and the final shipped products might have some major changes. First things first. Samsung has always used Touchwiz on its phones except for the Galaxy nexus but we are hearing a new named called as Grace UX.

The software overall looks and feels like TouchWiz of the past but that’s not a bad thing. There have been few cosmetic tweaks here and there that give a slightly different look to the entire software.  The person using the phone also said that the entire experience was “very simple, straightforward, clean, and less distraction.” Leading us to believe that Samsung has opted for clean experience like the nexus. It is also rumored that Samsung wants its phones to have less bloatware from now and is making efforts to set straight the entire user interface.

Google is also helping the Korean giant in the cleaning process since most of the people around the world use android through the eyes of TouchWiz. There is also the rumor of an iMessage competing service that Samsung has been working on but we cannot confirm that as of now.

Core apps include a service app called as briefing on the left window of the home screen. It could be the rumored Blackberry Hub like service that integrates all the notification like the Messages, Texts, Calls, Emails and App Notifications.

This Grace UX could make it way into earlier devices such as the S7 and the Note 5 via a software update in the near future.

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