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Samsung’s Refusal to Release A 3D TV Marks the Death of a Beloved Technology.


Once upon a time, Samsung was the world leader in 3D TV production. Now the fate of the technology lies in limbo as Samsung has mentioned that it won’t be releasing a 3D compatible unit in the current year more or less marking the death of the beloved technology.

Earlier this year, the second largest TV manufacturer, LG, has also mentioned that it is focusing all of its resources on OLED and HDR smart television and will only sell 3D TVs of the past.

With this move, many other manufacturers are stepping up to provide the 3D TV for anyone desiring the technology but it would pretty much be phased out within 2 years while the entire TV industry is transitioning to 4k and HDR television.

the 3D technology in television was always a gimmick. Many people brought the TV for life like digital experience but the nasty truth hit them in the face. The lack of content and the constant wearing of the 3D glasses were annoying.

Samsung Has also said that it will instead concentrate on UHD televisions along with High Dynamic Range (HDR) to produce visuals that were unthinkable 10 years ago.

It is also very excited about Quantum Dots Technology(QLED) that yielded panels producing colors matching the OLED technology.

“In terms of purchase motivators, I think 3D tv is pretty low on the list at this point,” said NPD analyst Ben Arnold. “There was a lot of interest in the feature from consumers early on, but most reports were the experience was not worth the hassle of wearing 3D glasses or finding content.”

Clearly there hasn’t been a better time to buy a TV. So many options and so less chance of going wrong in terms of picture quality and color reproduction.