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You Might Want to Consider the Notebook 7 Spin as Your Next Laptop

N7_spin_3.0.0Samsung isn’t known for the laptop PCs but it does make some good enough product. One among them is the Notebook 7 Spin. Samsung outed this machine recently and it reminds you of the famous yoga lineup of laptops from Lenovo. The selling feature of these laptops are that they have a touch screen and a convertible design.

The laptop can apparently act as a large screen tablet as well as a device in the tent mode apart from the old-fashioned form factor for the laptop. If you want a machine that has good specs, decent battery life as well as touch screen and flexible design, then the Notebook 7 Spin should definitely be on your shortlist.

Samsung has mentioned that this PC will be available in 2 sizes. One with a 13.3 inch 1080p touchscreen and the other with a 15.6-inch 1080p touch screen. the smaller one has a core i5 chipset with 8GB of RAM and integrated graphics. The elder one has a core i7 with a discrete graphic card. NVidia 940MX. There is also an option for 12GB and 16GB memory for the 15.6-inch model.Samsung-NoteBook-7-Spin-Variants-Compared

Samsung has been generous with the ports. There are HDMI port, Usb-C port, and 3 regular Usb 3.0 ports. there is also an Ethernet port on the 15.6inch one. Internal memory is at 1 TB. Not the SSD but the regular HDD while there is an option to add 128GB of SSD.

One important feature is the fast charging technology that Samsung has built into the computers. It boasts that with a charge of 20 minutes, the laptop’s life is extended by 2 hours. There is also something called as video HDR mode that makes “the content sharper, colors more vivid and textures truly pop.”

The pricing starts at $799 and goes up as your upgrade.


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