Dual camera setup is the next big thing in the smartphone world. It apparently brings professional grade photography to the smartphone that you will hold in your hand in about a year. Big companies like Apple, Samsung and LG have been developing the technology for long and we will soon see flagships with a total of 3 cameras instead of the usual 2. One facing the front and 2 facing backwards.

One thing readers have to note is that not every mobile manufacturer develops their own cameras. Even the mighty Apple relies on Sony for their brilliant iSight camera.  The major players in this segment are Samsung and Sony. They sell camera modules to almost 90% of all mobile manufacturers.

These players are also rumored to have been developing in-house dual camera modules that improve the photos at least by 50% under normal circumstances. What this means is that the camera in the average smartphone now shoots better photos that the most popular point and shoot camera. But the next generation phone will be able to shoot videos and snap pictures like the DSLR camera with the second camera acting as a depth sensor.

Samsung has all but confirmed that the state of the art dual camera setup will be on the Galaxy S8 that will come out in the month of march next year. But as of now, it has a dual camera setup whose details are scarce and it will be selling these cameras to the phone makers such as xiaomi and LeCeo.

A spokesperson has mentioned that these Chinese companies have been gobbling up the dual camera module productions like hot cakes. Apparently, they would like to cash in the craze before major players such as apple get into the game and sweeps up.

“Samsung Electro-Mechanics will offer a true dual camera to the market in the second half of 2016,” a Samsung spokesperson said in a statement. “However, we cannot confirm to which handset vendors, at this time.”