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Samsung’s Investment of $1.2 Billion in IoT Could Kick-Start an Industry

Internet of ThingsApple is after it. Google wants in. Samsung is desperate for it. Yes. That’s the world of internet of things for you. The future of the technological industry, according to me, lies in the revolutionary changes that are prophesied by the virtual reality and the internet of things technologies. Let’s leave aside the VR world for now and talk about the IoT.

Samsung has recently announced that it will invest a total of $1.2 billion into the United States for the specific purpose of developing the IoT industry. Here’s why.

Your phones are connected to the web. Also connected is your computer. But IoT is one platform that can connect almost everything. It can allow the autonomous cars on the road to communicate with themselves to avoid a collision. It can make the agricultural machinery plough the land once the time is right. Hell, it can even command the coffee machine to make coffee for your morning just before you wake up. It had huge potential and future lies in it.

So the heavy investment Samsung is making is in 2 parts. The first part of the money goes in encouraging the startup to build the necessary IoT devices that we are likely to use in the future. The second part goes to the development of the network and standards. Samsung has also introduced fab such as Artik chips that are specifically designed for such devices.  It is also rumored to be working on the next generation IoT chips that will apparently give the drones and robot the computer vision they need if they are to work in place of humans.

Also, the startup that gets the investment will be working on Samsung technologies so that the Korean giant will benefit from these efforts when the time is right.