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Note 7 Front Panel Confirms The Long Standing Rumor


Yes, we can now officially confirm that the Note 7 which is scheduled to be shown to the world at the unpacked event on august 2nd will have one of the long-rumored features. The retinal scanner. If the images of the front panel on the Note 7 is to believe, then Samsung has placed 3 cameras in the front that will help in authenticating the user and thereby unlocking the phone.

Here’s how it works.

The phone has a three-camera system that is placed on top of the display. Two cameras scan the eyes respectively and the third camera assists in by locating the face distance from the phone and its position/ placement of the eyes so that the remaining cameras know where to scan. All of these processes are performed simultaneously to unlock the phone as quickly as possible.

Samsung has also placed an infrared illuminator to assist the recognition process. One of the cameras acts as an infrared detection system to recognizing the face of the user but will also act as a normal front facing camera when the retinal system isn’t using it.

For this specific purpose, Samsung has put in a different field of view into each camera. The wide angle lens is designed to capture the entire face while the short view lens will scan the eyes only.

Samsung has trademarked the entire system and process as “Samsung Eyeprint” and is expected to be included in future flagship phones.

It is yet to be seen how the recognition system works when compared to the tried and tested fingerprint security system.





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