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There you go. After unveiling the giant family hub refrigerator with a gigantic screen, Samsung has introduced a washing machine that allows you to add a pair of socks or other small clothes to the machine mid-cycle. These dryers are being called as Addwash washing machine and Samsung has a line up of such devices.

The goal here is to save time, water and the electricity. Often people forget to add clothes and have to do a separate wash that leads to a lot of wastage of resources but by putting a small door to the machine, Samsung has added the ability to clean clothes completely even when they are added much later in the wash cycle.

The Korean tech giant first showed off these machines in September last year and added a tag of coming soon but almost 10 months later, these machines are finally available for purchase in the united states.

There is a 5 cubic foot capacity washer and it comes in 2 variants. The black stainless steel version will run you down by $1500 and the white model cost a $100 less. The 4.5 cubic foot capacity model range starts from $1000 and goes up to $1300.

“Enhancing our product portfolio with our latest innovation and technology, the new Add Wash and “K” Series Top Load washing machines have been designed and tailored according to the specific needs and demands of the consumers,” said a representative.