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Samsung Reportedly Working On a HoloLens Competitor

hololens-actiongram-1460795037-DkGa-column-width-inlineAs if the Gear VR headset wasn’t enough, Samsung is working on an augmented reality headset which may end up being very similar to the Microsoft’s own HoloLens. Every tech company is after the virtual reality world. My personal view is that virtual reality world is good but augmented reality is better. Take for example the HoloLens.

It has the potential to change the world by displaying information in the real world. It can show the directions by highlighting the road or it can mark the shop that you are looking for in gold. A previous demonstration also allowed the creators to view their creations in augmented world before they were actualized in the real world to better understand the design. This is something that you can wear and go out into the world as opposed to sitting in a chair while using a VR headset

Now a new patent filing from the Galaxy phone maker shows that it is building a helmet that can project the augmented reality world into the user’s view.

This project is currently being called as “Ahead” but rumors also point that Samsung might already have a working prototype helmet in its secret labs in south Korea. The trademark filing had the following description.

“wearable telecommunication machines [sic] and implements in the shape of a helmet namely mobile phones, smartphones, and cell phones.” It’s an “audio and visual apparatus” that includes “MP3 player functions… MP4… earphones… digital camera… camcorders… wearable computer….”

this could be a start of a spectacular technology or a spectacular failure. Not every technology that has been invented goes into the masses. Take for example the Google Glass. That was one piece of tech that I wanted to lay my hands on. But the development ceased in spite of being popular and was ultimately doomed.

If Samsung has to succeed where other have failed, then the pricing is the key. Naturally, new piece of tech tends to cost a bit higher but if it can popularize the helmet like the Gear VR, then we might have a winner on hand that could kick start a tech revolution.



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