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Samsung might support the banking pop-ups by mid-2018

Samsung might support the banking pop-ups by mid-2018Samsung have unofficially said that they want to start with a support of the banking pop-up stores, by the mid of the 2018. This move should represent an independent endeavor envisioned by Samsung Electronics America. Also, it should only be focused on the United States, although there is a space for spreading the support in other parts of the world.

The US branch of the company said that they have already started some talks with several banks in the country. They are looking for a potential business opportunities that pop-up stores could create, and essentially seeking to help financial institutions to target new customers. The pop-ups are intended to be run by the banks themselves, where Samsung’s role would be to equip them with contemporary display panels, tablets, and other various digital services. The mobility of the banks will be something that will allow the banks to track their customers through various stages of life.

This move will be just another step for the company in their collaboration with the US. Reportedly, the banks are also seeing the pop-up locations as a new method of engaging their target audience. They would be also inexpensive to manage, and they wouldn’t be constrained by a fixed technological infrastructure.

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