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ATIV Book 9 Pro Debuts with A 4k Display

UntitledMany people might not have known but Samsung also makes pc laptops. Yes, it has a range of pc that are called as ATIV. The last ATIV laptop was released more than a year ago and it was called as ATIV book 9 plus. It was a laptop that generally received positive reviews but not many buyers brought it cause its simply not a MacBook. The awareness among tech enthusiasts is almost nil for this pc. But that is set to change as Samsung is debuting the ATIV book 9 pro.

This is the first pc that Samsung is releasing with a 4k display and has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 that is also touch enabled. Another first for Samsung is that it is jumping onto the windows 10 band wagon with these computers.

ATIV book 9 spin

The ATIV book 9 pro is a performance beast with a discrete GPU from NVidia, (GTX 950m) and has a 4 grill speaker set that can produce loud sound. But the quality of the sound remains a mystery. A core i7 processor with 8 GB ram and 256 GB SSD is available in the base model. There are plenty of ports and significant among them is the single USB type c port.

Samsung is also releasing another computer called as ATIV book 9 spin. this is a simply another Lenovo yoga 3 pro but made by Samsung. the ATIV book 9 spin can spin 360 degrees and transform itself in any form you want it to use. It the 2 in 1 hybrid laptop.

The ATIV book 9 spin shares some features with its expensive siblings like the ram and SSD but the processor and screen resolution have scaled down to avoid sales conflict between the two.
the ATIV book 9 pro is available for $1600 and its younger sibling for $1400 from November in the united states.asdassada