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MacBook Pro Could Learn Few Tricks From The Notebook 7 Spin

Notebook_7_Left-1024x683Samsung introduced the notebook 9 a few months back. They were pretty good laptops with decent battery life and performance. But they excelled in the aesthetics department. They were thin and light, which is abnormal for a laptop with 15.6 inches for a screen size. The Notebook 7 spin carries on the tradition. The Samsung version of the hybrid laptop is pleasant surprise offering bits of many categories.

The PC is very similar to the yoga lineup of laptops from Lenovo. They have a touchscreen and can be bent into the tent mode while watching a show on Netflix or can act as a giant tablet when completely folded.

The convertible laptop comes in 13.3 inches and a 15.6-inch variant with a 1080p resolution crisp display. The LCD technology produces a gorgeous picture like the retina display on the MacBook pro. But unlike the MacBook, the notebook 7 spin is light and has fast charging technology. Samsung claims that with a charge time of 20 minutes, the laptop could extend the battery life by 2 hours and the Video HDR mode makes “the content sharper, colors more vivid and textures truly pop.”

As opposed to the SSD, notebook 7 spin comes with 1TB of HDD. I do not know if I have to feel bad for the older storage technology or happy for the huge storage capacity. There is also the option for an SSD but that will cost you more. The smaller sibling comes with a core i5 while the elder has a core i7 to go along with a NVidia 940MX GPU.

There are plenty of ports. All the variants have an HDMI port, a USB-C port, and three USB-A ports (two 2.0 and one 3.0). the 15.6-inch variant has an additional Ethernet port. The RAM capacity is at 8 GB while 12GB and 16GB upgrade options are also available but I wouldn’t go for that as the RAM is user upgradeable and will cost you a lot less if you do it on your own.

The pricing starts at $799 and goes up to $1199. Available now.