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Chromebook 3 Is Now Available

samsung-chromebook-3-2016-640x449Google took on windows laptops with the very inexpensive Chromebook that ran stock google apps such as docs and chrome. Chromebook Is essentially a laptop that runs web apps or internet based applications and can provide no frills experience if you are looking for something other than windows and mac based ecosystem.

First shown at the CES 2016, Samsung introduced us to its redesigned Chromebook that will be called as the Chromebook 3. this computer is a step above its predecessor. It has an option for 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM. Comes with a 16 GB of local storage and has the Intel Celeron N3050 CPU.

The 11.6-inch screen is very basic at 1366×768 pixels but that is fine for this entry level computer. Previous generation device offered an impressive 8.5-hour battery life but this one is a monster claiming an 11 hours’ on-screen time. The body of the computer has also improved. It now comes with metal-laden exteriors that protect itself from the ugly drops.

This is more portable than ever with an aggregate weight of 2.5 pounds and a 0.7-inch thickness.

Chromebooks have traditionally been designed to surf the web and stream movies. It is not suitable for people who do a lot of local storage work like video editing and playing games. Chromebooks cannot do that but they are darn good at what they were designed for.

Educational institutions have really benefited from these devices as the low price tag allow them to buy them in bulk and let the kids learn more by using these devices. It is estimated that the Chromebooks will account for the largest tech devices used in educational sector by the end of this year.

“seeing more and more people flocking to Chromebooks as families, students, and other consumers seek out easy-to-use, highly portable, and affordable laptops as resources for personal use, education and even work.” Said a tech expert.

With the rising competition from the windows based cloud books that offer full windows 10 experience at a sub $200 price point, the device is available for $200 for the basic version and the upgraded version’s price point is unavailable but I expect it to be under $250.