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iPad Pro Versus Galaxy View: The Battle Between Giant Tablets

the-galaxy-view-has-a-184-inch-display-which-is-huge-for-a-tablet-at-almost-six-pounds-its-not-as-heavy-as-youd-think-it-isThe arena for the next generation battle between the tech rival, apple and Samsung is ready. The giant tablets from both the companies, iPad pro and galaxy view are being launched to the consumers with a difference of a week between them. but there might be an unexpected winner in this new segment and that could be the Microsoft’s surface pro 4.

Even though all these tablets are large screened, they do not necessarily compete with each in every segment. For example, the galaxy view is a tablet that is aimed at the video streamers. The large screen tablet is often touted not as a giant tablet but as a mini television. offering unique video experience combined with limited portability.

While the iPad pro is targeting the artist, professionals and business personals with productivity in the forefront. iPad pro offers killers specs such as 4 GB ram and the A9x processor. The screen quality is among the best and the resolution is at the highest. It’s a power beast like the surface pro 4. iPad pro is also offering the apple pencil like the Microsoft pen and this will enable you to scribble notes, draw or sign a digital document.

surface pro 4 is a killer
iPad air is an enlarged iPad air 2, but with stylus and a keypad cover

The galaxy view has modest specs and since it isn’t aimed at business professional and video editor who require powerful hardware, these modest specs might be sensible move by Samsung. Apart from unique video experience, the 18.4-inch screen also offers multitasking. Meaning you are good to watch Netflix while browsing the web or uploading your selfie on the Facebook.

While the prices are a bit on the expensive side with iPad pro reaching as much as $1050 that is usually touted as pc territory, the galaxy view is available at a starting price of $600. The prices might come down gradually as this ultra large tablet segment gains traction. I personally prefer the surface pro 4 to the iPad pro. But galaxy view is one device that I am willing to check out as it offers something that other don’t.

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