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Samsung Reveals the Next Version of Android Could Have Native Stylus Support

Galaxy-Note-5_reuters_640-624x351By now you should have known that the next version of Android is presently called as Android N. Samsung knows a bit about the upcoming software update to the world’s most popular operating system and it has revealed a curious information about it in its developed website. According to Samsung, Android N will come with native stylus support built in its core.

The previous version of Android came without the stylus support and Samsung had to bake the s-pen support into its touchwiz layered Android that runs on phones in the note series. To make this possible, Samsung used the Look API. Now the next version of Look API is being stripped of some of the s-pen features and Samsung said those features would be “deprecated in Android N”.galaxy-note-add-on-patent-3

We can only conclude that google might be with a plan to bring stylus support to its devices and some kind of stylus that could more or less be like the s-pen or the apple pencil for large screened tablets is being created.

It would be a wild guess but Samsung could bring the s-pen support to phones other than the note series entrants.

Earlier we have seen that Samsung had patented a case that could hold the s-pen stylus for the galaxy s series and other phones. All these indicate that the stylus seems to be back at the centre of technological world with Microsoft, Viao, Samsung and Apple building their own version.

If all this happens, then we might have a new native way to interact with the mobile devices other than the touch. Previous styluses were more of an accessory than a part of the device interface like the s-pen. I am not a huge fan of the stylus but they do enable new levels of productivity for the artist and graphic designers.

Will you buy a stylus if google came up with its native support in Android N?