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Amazon India Starts Selling Refurbished Samsung Smartphones


Interesting news from Amazon India is that the e-commerce company will now start to sell refurbished devices starting from Xiaomi and Samsung.

This is being stated as quite a big move as in this region cheaper devices sell much better. So if anyone of you is thinking of ordering a refurbished smartphone from Amazon then there is no need to worry as the company is also giving a 6 month warranty.

Well at the start of this program only a few selected smartphones will be refurbished but in the long run it will definitely expand.

Noor Patel the director of category management Amazon India stated that their consumer insights have given the company enough reason to believe that India has a market for brand refurbished, quality assured smartphones at reasonable prices.

He also explained that the company will start this program as a pilot and will expand later on looking at the feedback that they receive from the consumers.

Plus it is worth noting that Xiaomi has already in the past done something like this when it teamed up with Overcart and so the company is used to such moves.