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Hate The Touch wiz? Get the Stock Android Experience on Your Samsung Phone


Android differs from the iOS and other operating system for its flexibility for the user to modify almost every aspect of the operating system according to their own preference. Samsung layers the android os on its phone with the touch wiz user interface to distinguish itself from the others. So how is it that you can have the stock android experience on you note 5 or galaxy s6 like the nexus 6?

stock android or ios, you can have them all.

Most important thing will be the launcher. To have the stock android experience, which app can do it better than the google made google now launcher. Here the readers will have to note down that you can even have an iOS experience with iOS 8 launcher. There are almost limitless launchers that can mimic the experience which you desire. With the stock android experience, now you can have the now on tap features which displays the information card that you require and you get the simple clean look without any distracting bloatware. The voice commands are a big boon when they work.

Next important area will be the lock screen. The stock android has some pretty useful notification slides, you can go with the go locker that is simple and informative. yet if you desire, they are other interesting locker but most of them are buggy.


The camera app has to be changed to mimic the stock android app. The Samsung camera app is one of the best in the industry but you have to remember that you don’t even know what features are cooked into the app let alone use them. Yet again the google made google camera is here to rescue you. The app looks nice and clean offering you the ability to take photos without any confusion. Do not mistake it for a miser, dig deeper and you will find tons of customization options when required which is not very often.pro capture and vsco camera are the other apps worth checking out.

On a closing note, even the stock android is not a perfect representation of individual preferences. The user can tweak about every aspect to make their phone a representation of their own taste. Samsung is also releasing flavours of themes for its phone, check it out in the video and say what you liked about it.