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Samsung Loses another Court Battle against Apple


The ongoing patent war between the tech rivals, Samsung and apple, has taken an ugly turn when the u.s appeals court has awarded an injection barring the Samsung from selling devices that infringe apple’s patent. The patents that are in question is the slide to unlock, auto correction and data detection features. Apple, on its part, claims that Samsung has simply lifted these features and used in its smartphone leading to increase in sales of its device.

The u.s appeals court for federal circuit in Washington has also stated that the lower court has abused it power when it barred apple an injection seeking to stop the sales of the Samsung devices and ordered Samsung to pay 120 million in fine. The court also said that the Samsung devices will not be banned and the copied features has to be removed without necessarily recalling the devices.
“Apple does not seek to enjoin the sale of lifesaving drugs, but to prevent Samsung from profiting from the unauthorised use of infringing features in its cell phones and tablets,” the court said.

The court is also sending back the case for reconsideration with proper care from the lower court and gave apple the power to stop Samsung from using these features in its future phones. Samsung has releases a statement saying that it reputation is undented and its flagship phones will be on sale reassuring the customers.


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