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Samsung Launches Enterprise Grade 950 Pro SSD


The Korean conglomerate has announced new storage devices, the 950 pro SSD, that will replace last years 850 pro SSD. So what’s new in this SSD?

Well, for starters the 950 pro SSD weighs a terrific 10 grams for the 256 GB variant. It’s also available in the 512 GB variant. The pricing will be $200 and $349 for 256 and 512 GB variant respectively. The physical aspects will be 3.15×0.87×0.097 in.

The SSD have become a revolution in the storage industry and most of the business are making the transition from the traditional hard drive to the SSD from the blazing fast read and write speeds which allow the data transition to take place quickly.


“The global market for SSDs is increasing. No longer are consumers dismissing the idea of purchasing an SSD solely because they think their price is too high. According to a survey, we did with Google, we can see that users are looking for better capacity and performance when it comes to SSDs,” said Samsung at a press conference.

“The NVMe interface on the 950 Pro is a clear break from the past. It will unleash the full potential of NAND flash storage. It is only recently that the consumer PC market has come together with an ecosystem for NVMe support. The new Intel SkyLake processors, the Windows 10 OS which driver support for NVMe makes this shift possible,” said Kim. Linux will also start supporting NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) interface that is mostly used in the enterprise systems

The 950 pro SSD will have a read and write speed of about 2500mbps and 1500mbps. It a 4 time increase over the current read and write speed in SSD. Other than the NVMe, the 950 pro SSD supports the PCIe 3.0 interface and V-NAND (vertical-NAND) technology. The 1 tb model will be available in 2016.


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