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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Design Has Fatal Flaw


It looks as if Samsung has a little inefficient when developing the Galaxy Note 5. This we say because apart from a lack of a microSD card slot and a removable battery it has a design flaw as well. In its desire to bring a new and premium design to the Galaxy Note 5, the South Korean technology giant had to radically change the design and mechanism of the S Pen.

In doing this the company has actually introduced a design flaw that can easily leave owners with a broken smartphone by simply inserting the S Pen the wrong way.

Well it is obviously common sense that we shouldn’t put things in ways that they shouldn’t be. However when the design of a product makes it all too easy to allow or even encourage such accidents then there is a big problem. Now unlike the previous Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen uses a click and spring mechanism to eject the S Pen.

Moreover Samsung has also made it possible to insert the S Pen in the opposite direction. This used to be impossible before the Galaxy Note 5 and this is the fact that is surprising as Samsung has changed this safety mechanism. Now there are two scenarios that users can face in this situation.

Well if they are lucky enough to get the stylus out it is possible that the device’s S Pen detection and spring mechanism might broke. Coming to the second scenario which is the worst case scenario is that the clicker gets stuck inside and the S Pen won’t come out. Both the ways are equally damaging as they will provide you with a broken device.