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Samsung Is Installing Microsoft Apps on Its Phones without User Consent

officedroidIt a known fact that the pc industry is on a decline and Microsoft is struggling to sell its Lumia range of smartphones. Its tech rivals like google and apple are seeing results like never before with their smartphones. So what could be Microsoft’s strategy to gain mileage in the mobile industry without incurring much losses?

Making apps and services on popular platform such as android and iOS which has about 2 billion phones combined would be its best bet.

Microsoft is partnering with cyanogen mod, Samsung and other manufacturers with an aim that its apps and services will make way into the smartphones. The results of this is the latest updates of Samsung for the galaxy s6 range where a bundle of Microsoft app have been installed without the user’s knowledge.

The update which appeared recently is 200 mb+ in size and the user have been surprised to find the Microsoft apps such as Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint. Samsung on it part has already installed the one drive and one note in the galaxy s6 range natively. The users are already complaining that what Samsung is doing is unfair. They have downloaded the updates which says nothing about the Microsoft apps and in disguise of security update. Such a waste of bandwidth and time, but the real concern is the space that the apps eat up and these apps are rarely used.

It’s a cruel world where even your smartphone is not in your control. not a smart move Samsung!

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