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Samsung Galaxy S7 First Big Feature Could Be A Risky Idea


Samsung has recently announced mass production of a new version of its 16 megapixel imaging sensor which the company claims will enable it to design smaller and thinner mobile devices without any loss in quality.

Well the new ISOCELL S5K3P3 chip is basically a smaller version of the sensor that is found in some of the variants of the Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone.

Samsung has shrunken the size of each pixel from 1.12 microns to 1.0 microns due to which the sensor chip has become about 11 percent smaller in height and width.

This then will allow Samsung to shrink the whole camera module including the lens which results in a 20 percent reduction in its thickness.

Moreover due to the ISOCELL technology the South Korean giant has been able to increase light sensitivity by reducing color crosstalk between the pixels.

Apart from this the company also claims that the resulting camera module will be less than 5mm in height which means thinner than the Galaxy S6’s 6.8mm.

So this reduction in thickness will give the handset manufacturers the opportunity to smooth out those pesky camera bumps from their designs.

However even after such advances by Samsung the real deal still is that for any given sensor technology bigger pixels deliver better quality per pixel than smaller ones.

This is also demonstrated clearly by the newborn One Plus 2 smartphone which is being claimed delivers much sharper detail than a Galaxy S6 using only a 13 megapixel sensor.

So the new chip by Samsung, the S5K3P3 does maintain current quality levels but doesn’t improve on them. Moreover Samsung would not want to lose its camera quality crown just for the sake of making a slim body.