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Snapdragon 820 SOC on Galaxy S7?


Samsung wants only the best internal components for its flagship smartphones and it is evident from the report that the tech behemoth is testing the snapdragon 820 chipset for its upcoming galaxy s7.

Samsung has used the snapdragon chipsets in its phones in the past but it now prefers its home-grown SOC in its latest flagships. Reason being that the QUALCOMM’s star chipset for the 2015, the snapdragon 810 has performance issues. Especially an overheating issue that will shut down your phone when graphics intensive applications are run.

Many other manufacturers have supported QUALCOMM but none of them acknowledged the heating problems. For example, the snapdragon 810 chipset used in the Sony’s flagship, the zperia z3+ shut down the camera app 4 seconds after recording the video in 4k resolution siting that the cpu has overheated and needs to cool down. This has led to huge revenue loss for QUALCOMM.

But that is going to change with the recently revealed snapdragon 820 which is a 64 bit octacore processor. The overheating issue remains absent and Samsung has started the internal testing process in an aggressive manner to make sure everything is good with the chipset. It has to release the galaxy s7 in about 6 to 7 month and the product development cycle is too narrow. It has to make sure that the chipset is fine and if something goes wrong, it can always use its own Exynos processor in their phones.

If everything goes well, we may as well see another galaxy device with the snapdragon chipset.follow the link for more info.