When I first saw Otto. I thought Samsung has finally managed to make a crazy coffee machine but on close inspection, I got to know that Otto is actually a personal assistant robot from Samsung that is based on its Internet of Thing (IoT) platform, ARTIK. Otto looks nothing like anything out there but in spirit, it is Samsung’s take on Amazon’s Echo.

This cute little robot has microphones and speakers built into it so that it can listen to and answer any question that you ask Otto. This is similar to Siri On Apple TV or Google Now on an android phone. But Samsung has also put in additional features such as the ability to control smart devices in your home like heating and lighting system with a simple voice command.

Otto also has a built-in HD camera so that it can watch over your home and livestream the surrounding to your smartphone while you are in your office. Users can also adjust the viewpoint of the camera remotely. This is sure to give some privacy concerns for a few people. Most of the devices these days can be hacked into with the right tools and if somebody did manage to get into the device software, they can easily watch the live feed from your home and will also hear the conversation you are having in your room with the help of the microphones in Otto.

Samsung has indicated that its platform is secure and private, though.

This robot still has a long time before it occupies the shelves in a retail store. Samsung is still building more features into Otto and we might see an improved version which can be bought with money very soon.

“We’re not going to put these in a box and ship them to Best Buy,” Curtis Sasaki, Samsung vice president of ecosystems and Internet of Things general manager, said in an interview ahead of Samsung’s developer conference. “we’re building very robust, what looks like consumer-shippable products.”