The renowned US based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the South Korean technology giant Samsung Group stated on Wednesday that they have found a way from which they can make batteries with an indefinite lifetime. This will be done by replacing the existing liquid substance with solid material.

Both MIT and Samsung discovered that one of the three basic components of batteries, the electrolyte can actually help in extending the batteries lifetime indefinitely.

This in theory can only be done by changing it to a solid state from the current liquid form.

According to MIT these findings will be a game changer for the battery industry because it will solve most of the remaining issues in battery lifetime, cost and even safety.

Basically over time a liquid state electrolyte battery degrades during charging and discharging. Now the new breakthrough will actually prevent such damage and will allow the battery to last many hundreds of thousands of cycles.

Apart from this the solid state electrolyte batteries are much safer as they do not overheat and are also not flammable.