Note 8’s release date possibly leaked

Samsung have already confirmed that they will release the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd this year. They also said that on this event they will also reveal when the device will be available for purchase, and at what cost. Besides that of course, all of the specifications of the device will be known.

Also, the company is most likely to start with pre-ordering of their Note 8, right after it’s unveiled. It will also take a couple of weeks before the device starts with shipping worldwide.

Today, a new report suggests that the company has plans to make an official release date of the Note 8 on September 15. That would basically be the date when Samsung will start selling the device.

Many representatives also claim that there is almost zero chances that Samsung will change the release date, as it is leaked for now. It is also very likely that Note 8 release date will clash with the LG’s V30.

The Note 8 might also have a two-week pre-order campaign, or at least that’s how it is believed. Also, there has been no confirmation from Samsung about the pre-ordering, or the official release date, so we should take this with a consideration.