Note 8’s battery capacity leaked

A new leaked image has showed up online, which is most likely the newest battery for the Note 8. Also, we can see the battery capacity on the image, which will allegedly have 3300 mAh. The battery’s capacity is somewhere in between the battery capacities of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which were 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh respectively.

Even though the battery capacity is questionable, it’s still much reasonable why it has such a big change. The company has surely taken some notes from the last years Note 7, and its battery failure. Also, the device might just turn out to be capable to take on more battery power, but it just seems like the company doesn’t want to have any kind of risk.

With this leak, and with a consideration of the previous one, we can conclude that the Note 8 is looking most closely like the Galaxy S8+, only with a smaller battery. Also, from what we’ve seen from other leaks about its design, the Note 8 will keep its straighter corners, just like the Note franchise fancies best. The company might also put the Note 8’s battery to further tests and to try to improve it for a bit. Anyway, we are eager to hear and see what the new Note 8 will bring to us, as the unveil date is coming closer every day.