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Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Have the Best Mobile Display Ever

galaxy-s7-edgeThe Galaxy S7 was shown to the world recently but the news is already breaking out that the display on the handset is the best mobile display ever in a smartphone till date. This fact was revealed by Displaymate technologies, the display experts who measure a display against various parameters and gives out a rating based on the results.

Samsung has given out some demo units to various tech reviewers and many of them were praising the smartphone for obvious reasons concerning the camera, expandable storage, waterproofing design, bigger battery and beautiful display.

The testers at Displaymate have tested the display on the Galaxy S7 and though the display on the Galaxy S6 was excellent, this one has managed to outdo the predecessor display and won the title of the best mobile display in a smartphone, period. The technology that Samsung has used is the super AMOLED that is generally more robust that the LCD technology but has a lower life span.

This display tech can also produce the bendable and curved displays and the same can be seen in the Galaxy S7 edge. This AMOLED display also enables the always on feature where a smartphone can display certain information always and spend less than 1% of the battery.

In comparison, the display on the iPhone 6s is pale compared to the top end AMOLED screens. The same testing unit has revealed that though, at one point of time the iPhone screen was the best in the market, it has now fallen well behind the curve and needs to upgrade to stay in the race for the most beautiful mobile display in a smartphone.

“They’re thinner, much lighter…[have] very fast response time, better viewing angles, and an always-on display mode,” said the reviewers. “better colour accuracy, image contrast accuracy, and screen uniformity…and they now deliver much higher peak brightness than LCD.”