First it was the transition of the regular sim card to the micro sim card. Then the tech world has decided that the micro sim card was also too big and developed the Nano sim card in order to save precious space in a smartphone. now even this Nano sim card seems to be a problem for the tech manufacturers. There is a new concept on the block called as eSIM.

eSIM is nothing but a term coined for the programmable sim card that will allow a user to switch between network carriers without the need to change the physical sim. Apple, google and Samsung have been involved in developing this eSIM. GSMA has revealed the standard specifications for eSIM and the gear s2 receives the honour to be the first device on the market to feature such a sim card.i0j5bi1ttk50nwhdulgh

This eSIM allows a user to store multiple carriers’ profiles at any given point in time but one of them can be used at a time. An engineer who helped develop the eSIM said: “We don’t want the consumer to be disadvantaged compared to the current SIM model, We’re putting the first specification out for companies that may want to launch products that are very simple.” He adds that the eSIM is also 90 percent smaller than a traditional SIM card, offering “a big saving in space.”

“This is the only common, interoperable and global specification that has the backing of the mobile industry and lets consumers with a mobile subscription remotely connect their devices to a mobile network,” said the association’s chief technology officer, Alex Sinclair, in a press release. “This new specification gives consumers the freedom to remotely connect devices, such as wearables, to a mobile network of their choice and continues to evolve the process of connecting new and innovative devices.”

The compatible gear s2 will come out in march followed by specification for the smartphones.

well, I think that’s a start for a new tech that will gradually evolve until a smartphone had no sim card slot in it.