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Verizon Galaxy S4 OTA Update Released With Stagefright Fix


Verizon has finally started to roll out a new software update for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This new update by the carrier has brought many bug fixes for the Galaxy S4. The device was facing issues such as the alarm clock not starting up, users getting white squares on their screen instead of numbers, email notifications not showing up in the status bar and much more. However the main purpose of this update is to fix the Stagefright security vulnerability.

The Stagefright is a security gap in the Android smartphones which basically allows hackers to access a device remotely by sending a video which is infected with malware over MMS. The user doesn’t even need to open the MMS as the video downloads automatically and that lets the malware run on the device without being noticed.

The newer Samsung devices like the Galaxy S6 have already received these fixes and it was time that the older devices too received them.


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