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Samsung NX1 Firmware 1.3 Upgrade Brings New Features


The Samsung NX1 is a high-quality smart camera by Samsung. It is priced at £1,299.00, in the European market. It features the DRIMe V image processor, which, Samsung claims, is the fastest image processor till now. It provides exceptional performance, and the ability to shoot 4K Ultra HD videos.

Moreover, the NX Autofocus can capture images with amazing speed and precision. The camera is able to focus on the subject in as little as 0.055 seconds. The camera is capture is able to capture images at an amazing resolution of 28-Megapixles with the help of BSI APS-C sensor. The camera also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy sharing and connectivity.

NX1_Firware_1Previously, the NX1 was running on the Firmware 1.2. Recently, the firmware of the camera has been upgraded to version 1.3. The firmware 1.3 enhances many of the camera features, significantly. The most significant enhancement of this firmware update is the improvement of the video quality. This firmware update greatly improves the quality of the 60p Full HD videos. The quality of the HD videos is improved because the 1.3 firmware enhances the ability of the sensor to read twice as much data as on firmware 1.2.

The firmware 1.3 also enables you to shoot 120p Full HD videos, at 120 frames per second. This means that your video will be twice as much smoother as a 60p video. The customizability of the sensitivity of the Manual Focus is also an exceptional feature of the firmware 1.3 update. You can simply upgrade your NX1 to firmware 1.3 by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network.