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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Gets Advanced Smartphone Award


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone has just been awarded by the European Imaging and Sound Association the title of the ‘Advanced smartphone 2015-16’.

EISA has numerous other categories for awards as well such as ‘European Headphone of the year’, ‘European Tablet of the year’ and many more. Last year this same award by EISA was awarded to LG’s G3 smartphone and two years ago HTC One had the honor of receiving this prestigious award.

EISA has been judging smartphones since 2005 and they have been known to pick true quality over anything else. They even released a promotional video for the Galaxy S6 Edge in honor of the award.

EISA has maintained that the Galaxy S6 Edge has by far been the best smartphone that the South Korean technology giant, Samsung has ever made. This can also be seen from the fact that during the ‘Ultimate Test Drive’ promotion the company had ran out of devices within 24 hours.