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World’s First 4k Blu-ray Player Arrives On Retailer’s Shelves

samsungwm8_2040.0Samsung has the world’s first Blu-ray player and it arrived on the store shelf a little early than anticipated. Samsung UBD-K8500 is the model number attached to this Blu-ray player and it was scheduled to arrive in march this year. It was first introduced at IFA last year and further details were revealed at the consumer electronics show last month.

The picture quality and the resolution produced by this player is simply astonishing and is worthy companion to your UHD TV. Some of the physical stores have already started selling the units and best buy informed its customers who pre-ordered this Blu-ray player that it will ship the device tomorrow.

What’s good news for Samsung is that the player has been sold out in some retail outlets.

Now it’s time for the sad news. Even if you get your hands on this Blu-ray player, you will have a hard time finding the content or the disks to play on this player. Several movie studios have committed to release their films in this new format but most of them have not been released.  Many have informed that their titles will come out at the end of this year.

The era of full HD content is slowly being pushed aside by the 4k content wave and even though it is still early, 4k will be the standard for tomorrow’s media.

Samsung knew about this problem. For this exact purpose, it has added the ability to stream 4k content to this Blu-ray player. Shows from Netflix and Hulu can stream shows to your 4k TV via this Blu-ray player.

Apart from that, this player has the capabilities to play the regular Blu-ray discs, DVD and cd.

Are you getting one today?