S-Pen stylus is one of the important, if not, the most important feature that defines the phones in the note series of Samsung’s galaxy phones. Over the years, the note phones have become sleeker yet more powerful. Simultaneously, the S-Pen stylus has evolved into a productive beast compared to the S-Pen stylus on the original galaxy note that released all the way back in 2011.

But now Samsung came up with an idea that could transform the S-Pen into a kick stand. This will particularly be a good feature given the fact that note phones usually have a big screen that is suitable for watching shows and movies. of course, you will not be able to use the excellent S-Pen stylus features when the stylus acts as a stand but nonetheless, this is a good feature to add.

Not only that, it was recently reported that google is adding native stylus support to its upcoming version of android. That is android N and Samsung is building a case that can house an S-Pen stylus for the non-note phones.

The stylus can also act as a kickstand to those phones.

To achieve this, Samsung is putting a hinge at the centre of the S-Pen stylus that will fold in half. The front part of the stylus is inserted into the slot provided for it and the remaining part will support the phone in standing at an angle.

But the challenge remains the stability of the s-pen. The styluses have to be strong to support and stabilize the phone. they are generally delicate in nature.

These details were uncovered in a patent that was filed by Samsung.