The Galaxy Note 8 to feature force touch

As the announcement date comes closer day by day, the leaks for the Galaxy Note 8 don’t seem to be stopping. As the newest report suggest, the Galaxy Note 8 could feature a force touch technology. That technology could enable the device to respond in a different way after the amount of pressure applied to the screen.

This technology is also mostly known as a 3D Touch technology. Other companies and manufacturers have already implemented this technology on their own devices. It enables the device to react and provide functionalities based on how much pressure is applied on the screen. Samsung have also introduced a Galaxy S8 device earlier this year, with this technology implemented.

As we know so far, the physical home button has been replaced with a virtual one, on the Galaxy S8 lineup devices. Also, Samsung have plans to implement this feature to their future devices. Also, the home button, besides it’s being virtual, it is pressure sensitive. The home button will react on the pressure that the user will put on the screen, and will provide additional functionalities.

The Galaxy Note 8 will also have a virtual home button, and with that, Samsung have an opportunity to implement the force touch technology on it. As the report suggests, users will be able to press down on the display to open a hidden menu, which will also include shortcuts to many different features.

The company have set the announcement date on August 23rd this year for the Galax Note 8. It is also expected that the device will be officially released on September 15, but it is only just a rumor.

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