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Galaxy S7 Cases Appear Online, Reveal Some Design Changes

leaked-galaxy-s7-case-1-538x540-640x640Mobile protecting case manufacturer DHGate has listed few lost cost Galaxy S7 cases that are presumed to fit the upcoming Galaxy S7. These low cost cases are being made available for less than $2. The images show us various types of Galaxy S7 cases from the manufacturer wrapped around a dummy unit of the Galaxy S7.

Now we know that DHGate doesn’t make cases by presuming facts about the unreleased phone. There must have been solid internal information about the dimensions and features about the phone that has make the case manufacturing possible.

Manufacturing a case for an unreleased smartphone is a risky proposition. If you get it right, the case would be one of the few that are available when the phone launches. Get it wrong and you would end up with huge pile of cases that won’t possibly fit any other phone.DHgate-Galaxy-S7-case-leak

The leaked pictures also give us a design hints about the phone. In line with the earlier reports, the Galaxy S7 will come with a sharp rectangular phone button and the entire phone will be very similar to the current flagship, Galaxy s6.

Another striking feature to be seen is the micro-USB port. We were made to believe that the phone will come with a USB type c port which essentially make the phone future proof. But there is no such thing in the pictures. Although it could be entirely possible that Samsung will ship the actual phone with the mentioned port. We will have to wait and see.


The card slot for micro SD card is also absent literally cancelling the memory expansion option that Samsung phones are famous for. But increasingly, more number of manufacturers are building their phone with a single slot for the Nano sim card and the micro SD card.

The Galaxy S7 cases actually provided some useful insights into the super phone before it saw the light of the day.