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Galaxy S7’s Entire Wallpaper Catalogue Leaks

samsung-galaxy-s7-wallpaper-630x385It has been a couple of days since the galaxy s7 leaked in all its glory thanks to weibo users in Korea and china. Now the entire default wallpapers of the Galaxy S7 and The Galaxy S7 Edge leaked online. We are just a week away from the official launch of the next superphone from Samsung and the leaks are consistently giving out the internal information.

It is as if Samsung will not have anything new to show us at its unpacked event if the leaks continue at their present rate.

These wallpapers have been leaked by a user named as j.k. shine in the sammobile forum. The wallpapers have a resolution of 2560×2560 and 2240×2240.

One of the wallpaper is the same one that appeared on the galaxy s7 in the leaked promotional material. Other wallpapers look very similar to these. Samsung has a habit of loading the default wallpaper that look very similar to each other.

These wallpaper are very identical to the default pictures on the galaxy s6 and the note 5. Samsung has opted for the abstract images that pop out colours to show the prowess of the display fitted into the phone. A total of 13 wallpapers have been leaked and those are shown below.

Feel free to download them and use it as the wallpaper on your phone if you fancy them.

Galaxy-S7-edge-2-knox Galaxy-S7-edge-4-knox Galaxy-S7-edge-5 Galaxy-S7-edge-3 Galaxy-S7-edge-6 Galaxy-S7-edge-1-knoxGalaxy-S7-edge-2-540x540 Galaxy-S7-edge-5-knox Galaxy-S7-edge-4 Galaxy-S7-edge-7 Galaxy-S7-edge-8 Galaxy-S7-edge-3-knox- Galaxy-S7-edge-1