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Samsung Is Packing One of Its Biggest Battery in The Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung-Galaxy-S7-Edge-Grey-Press-Render-01Samsung phones have traditionally been power hogs compared to the iOS devices that worked efficiently and stayed on for longer time with smaller battery capacity. But Samsung has been working hard with google in removing the bloatware as well lighting up the touchwiz to make it efficient like the iPhone.

With Samsung moving to the metal and glass design with the Galaxy s6, it had to sacrifice the removable battery feature. But Samsung couldn’t increase the battery capacity due to the tight packing of the components in the unimetal body. But that is the past. Samsung has reportedly been able to squeeze in the Galaxy S7 Edge a battery that has a capacity at 3600mah.s7-edge-2

That is monstrous compared to the s6 Edge battery that has a capacity of 2600 mah. this could significantly increase the battery life for about 30% and with the rise in fast charging and fast wireless charging technologies, Samsung is truly making the next generation mobile devices that is close to staying alive for 3 days on moderate usage. That’s a 38% increase in battery capacity compared to the previous generation.

This is Samsung’s second biggest battery to date behind the 4000mah battery that is fitted into the Galaxy A9 (2016)

The Galaxy S7 is also reported to have a big battery bump. The capacity is at 3000mah compared to the Galaxy s6’s 2550 mah. That’s down from 2800mah from the Galaxy s5’s battery. The Galaxy S7 is also touted to have a 2-day battery life.

Apparently, the S7 ran for 17 continuous hours playing back to back videos before dying down. That too with maximum brightness. On the other front, it ran for 4 ½ hours with 75% brightness while running heavy applications. On the whole, it is believed to run for two days with moderate usage

The S7 Edge will come with 4 GB of ram, snapdragon 820 and 5.5-inch curved display.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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