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Samsung Releases Its New 4K SUHD TV in the US


Samsung has been the leading electronics manufacturer for the last decade. Samsung has also been providing consumers with high-quality home entertainment appliances. Recently, Samsung Electronics has launched JS7000 SUHD TV in the United States.

The JS7000 SUHD TV offers great image quality and vibrant colors at a viable price.
Along with featuring a cutthroat display technology, the JS7000 SUHD TV also displays eye-bursting 4K Ultra HD resolution. This television also presents a quad-core smart TV platform, which allows users to play their favorite content without any hassle.

The JS7000 allows users to view their favorite content from any device at a whopping 4k Ultra HD resolution, at an accessible price. The JS7000 television will offer crisp and detailed picture quality, featuring four times the resolution of Full HD. The JS7000 is also able to display HDR content, which allows the content to appear more life-like.

The JS7000 SUHD TV is available in three size ranges of 50”, 55”, and 60”. Even at such an enormous size, it is able to display detailed and crisp content at an ultra HD resolution. The smart TV experience by Tizen integrated in the JS7000 television is more accessible and convenient than ever, with the quad-core platform of the television.

Additionally, the JS7000 television comes with screen mirroring technology, which allows you to stream your favorite content by connecting your mobile device to the television. The nano-crystal technology in the JS7000 has taken five years of research behind its development, and provides the consumers with an enhanced and improved picture quality.