Previously, in June, rumors surfaced that Facebook Messenger and Instagram Official apps were going to be released on the Tizen Store. However, today, the rumors have proved to be true, as the Facebook messenger and Instagram apps have been released over at the Tizen Store.

Samsung has released the 27.0.0 version of the Facebook Messenger, which has a size of 25.47MB. However, it also requires the Facebook services to run. The Facebook app is available to download at Tizen store for additional 29MB alongside the Messenger app. The Instagram app is 7.0.0 version, and has a download size of 9.39MB.

The release of these application shows that Samsung will be improving the variety of applications on the Tizen store, in the upcoming weeks. Moreover, the versatility of apps will surely get a boost when Samsung will release more Tizen-powered phones by the end of this year. This proves that Samsung is very committed to take the Tizen OS to the top, and compete on par with Android OS.