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Samsung Mobile Devices to Come With Near Invisible Controls

Near Invisible Controls

Previously, we reported that Samsung has confirmed the patent for a smartphone that is able to measure the body fat, which is sure to revolutionize the use of smartphones and gadgets for tracking health and fitness.

Recently, the U.S. Patent & Trademark office has published a newly proposed patent by Samsung to integrate nearly invisible controls for their devices. These controls will work on the principle of sensor pads. These controls will be configurable to work with camera and many games.

Near Invisible Controls1

The latest Apple iPhone had the ability to capture a photo by pressing the plus volume button. However, this time, Samsung has set 3 invisible buttons (sensor pads) on the frame of the device, on each side.

The invisible buttons can be customized for camera controls. Moreover, the invisible buttons can also be used for gaming controls. Apple has also been considering patents regarding the backside invisible controls, but Samsung’s idea seems more practical and useful, as compared to Apple.