A lot of information about the Galaxy Note 5 has surfaced in form of rumors, over the previous months. Recently, we have been reported about the release plans of the upcoming flagship phablets – The Galaxy Note 5, and the Galaxy S6 Plus.

We have been reported that Samsung has put the firmware development for the European region on hold. This means that the Galaxy Note 5 will not be released in Europe at launch. However, the consumers in the other countries such as, North America, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong, etc. will be able to purchase the Galaxy Note 5 just at launch.

Samsung Russia and Samsung Europe seem to be working on the development of firmware of the phone. It is anticipated that the Note 5 will be released to a very limited number of markets in Europe and Russia, and after a few weeks of the launch, the Galaxy Note 5 will be released in all the European and Russian markets.

It is expected that Samsung will be launching both devices in August, and the worldwide availability of both devices will be completed in October. However, nothing about the release of the phablets is confirmed, as of yet. We can expect a deviation of release plans of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in Europe, Russia, and few other markets. It is also possible that some other regions will also have to wait for the release of these devices, other than Europe and Russia.