Galaxy S6 Camera

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were two of the most successful smartphones by Samsung. One of the main reasons of their success was the superb camera performance.

Both of the phones feature a 16-Megapixel rear camera for capturing high resolution images. Moreover, the camera of the Galaxy S6 variants also sports LED flash, Optical Image Stabilization, and many more features for an exceptional user experience.

In this article, we will discuss some Galaxy S6 camera tips and tricks, which you might not know beforehand.

Here, we will take a look at some cool and handy Galaxy S6 camera tips and tricks, which make the camera of the Galaxy S6 stand out among the other phones.


This is a pretty basic tip, but some of you might not be aware that you could hit up your camera, whenever you want just by double-tapping the home button.

This way, you can access your camera in blink of an eye, whether your phone is locked or you are on the home screen. This trick can be very useful when you want to capture a picture, and you are in a hurry.


The settings menu can be accessed by tapping the gear icon at the bottom-left of the screen. If you are unable to see the gear icon, tap the dropdown arrow at the top-left of the screen, and the gear icon will appear along with various quick buttons.

For now, we will take a look at what additional features are offered in the settings menu of the camera on the Galaxy S6 variants. Below, we will discuss some of the options present in the settings menu.

Picture Size: Allows you to choose the resolution, in which you want to capture a picture. By default, it is set at maximum, which is 16-Megapixel, and at an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Video Size: This option allows you to change the resolution in which you want to record videos.

It is not set to maximum by default, at a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080, at the rate of 30fps.

However, if we wish to take the camera to its maximum capabilities, to a Quad HD, or even Ultra HD resolution, we will lose some of the features such as video stabilization, video effects, and tracking AF, etc.

Tracking Autofocus: The next in the Settings menu is Tracking Autofocus. It is a very handy feature, if you are capturing an object in motion.

When turned on, just tap on a moving object on your screen, and the camera will track it, and keep it in focus. However, we lose Video Stabilization option, when we turn Tracking AF on.

Video Stabilization: By turning on the video stabilization option, the camera will automatically stabilize any shakes made by your hand, keeping the video stable.

Grid Lines: Turn this option on, and you will see grids on your camera screen. This option is handy if you want to capture a well-composed shot.

Location Tags: By turning it on, the phone uses the GPS to save the location where the photo was taken.

Review Pictures: Shows the picture as soon as you capture it. Not suitable when you are in a shooting frenzy.

Voice Control: By turning it on, you can use voice commands to shoot pictures and videos.

Volume Keys Function: Allows you to choose what happens when you press a volume key.

Reset Settings: Changes the camera settings back to default.


There are numerous shooting modes in the Galaxy S6 camera. You can change the shooting mode by tapping MODE in the bottom right of the screen. Here, we will discuss some of the shooting modes of the Galaxy S6 camera.

Auto: The camera is set to Auto mode by default. This mode is recommended for basic users.

Pro: This mode displays a slider of options on the capturing screen to adjust the settings, that suit you best. This mode is recommended for advanced users.

Selective Focus: This mode allows you to focus on a specific object, while keeping the background and foreground out of focus.

Panorama: This mode allows you to capture a 3D panorama shot, of the surroundings around you up to 360 degrees.

Slow Motion: This mode allows you to capture a video in slow motion.

Fast Motion: This mode allows you to capture a video in fast motion.

Virtual Shot: This mode allows you to capture a 3D view of an object, which you can view later by tilting your phone.

In the Modes menu, you also get an option to download more shooting modes, which best suit you.

Here, we discussed some of the best Galaxy S6 camera tips and tricks, so that you can make the most out of your Galaxy S6, and capture lively and vibrant photos.