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Here’s How The Iris Scanner On The Note 7 Works

samsung-galaxy-note-7-iris-scanner-640x470Samsung seems to have graced its partners with the demo units of the upcoming handset and these partners have been snapping pics of the new Note 7 like crazy. This is evident from the pictures of the units that have been popping online off late as we approach the launch date. But one thing was elusive. The method with which the iris scanner would work.

A good Samaritan has now shown us how the security setup would work on the Note 7.

We know that the iris recognition is a bit difficult method to authenticate, unlike the fingerprint recognition. The setup has to recognize the eyes while the handset is not static and scan the exact area of the eye from a certain distance. But Samsung seems to have found a way to authenticate without much hassle.

The leaked pics shows 2 circles on the lock screen and asks the user to place the handset 25 to 35 cms away from the face so that both the eyes are centered in the circles given on screen.

This helps Samsung in authenticating the user by deeply scanning the iris of the eyes . according to sources, this is a reliable method but is unlikely to replace the ever popular fingerprint reader on the home button.

The reason for this is that the entire authentication process takes up too much of time and it would be impractical to complete every time you want to unlock your phone which is about 40 times a day.

That said, the iris scanning tech is more reliable than the fingerprint technology that can be fooled by sophisticated hackers. But there could be more than meets the eye. This process of authentication might be more useful while paying with Samsung pay and when using the Knox security services that require top notch security setup.

Anyways, stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Note 7

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