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Samsung Pay Comes to The Gear S2

Samsung has rolled out an update to its successful Gear S2 smartwatch recently and hidden among a sea of new features such as the ability to add pictures as a watch face is the Samsung pay compatibility. The Korean giant has announced while launching the smartwatch that Samsung pay will come to it at a certain point of time and almost a full year after the announcement, Samsung pay has finally landed on the Gear S2.

Before you get your hopes high, the Samsung pay arrived in the form of a public beta. meaning it still has bugs in it and is not quite ready for a public rollout but that’s an upgrade from the close beta stage that Samsung pay was in previously.

If you own the Gear S2 and want to use Samsung pay today, then upgrade your smartwatch to the latest version and also update the Gear manager app on the companion smartphone. There is an option that mentions Samsung pay beta. Tap on it and complete the steps to use the service.  Samsung has mentioned that you will have to enter a secure passcode before you are allowed to add the supported cards.

This option is only available for the user in the united states and with the Bluetooth only Gear S2 model. The 3G model is still incompatible with the service.

If you choose to make a payment, then long pressing the home button will bring up your default credit card that can make a payment for you. As of now, the Gear S2 works only on an NFC terminal like the Apple watch. the Galaxy S7 works even on a normal credit card machine due to the addition of the magnetic secure transmission and since this ability is lacking on the Gear S2. it cannot make a payment everywhere.

Hopefully, the next version of the smartwatch can make use of the Samsung pay to its full potential.