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Galaxy S7’s Display Panel and Camera Module Show Themselves to The World

gsmarena_002We are now a couple of weeks away from seeing the next super phone from Samsung, the galaxy S7. Naturally when a product’s launch date comes closer to the present date, related information leaks out literally paint the entire picture about the product before the manufacturing company has a chance to say anything. Now we have some leaked images of the display panel and the camera module of the galaxy S7.

The display panel seems to house a screen of 5.1 inches that is in tune with the earlier reports suggesting that the next phone in the s-series will retain the same display size from the earlier generations. What is curious is that the top and bottom bezel are too big for a phone that is popular for its thin bezels.

We do believe that the leaked display panel must be a decoy to prevent the actual display panel from seeing the world before Samsung intended it to.gsmarena_001

Another component to leak is the camera module. An employee of Samsung has indicated that the Korean tech giant is now opting for a 12 MP camera, down from the earlier 16 MP one found in the s6. That is not a bad thing. The megapixel count of a camera is not the final indication of the quality of the pictures that it can take. This 12 MP camera will have a larger sensor and f/1.7 aperture to capture the best images possible.

Apart from the information about the display panel and camera modules, some other information that suggested the return of the micro SD card slot also arrived. Samsung is now opting for a black chassis that is believed to enhance the looks of the galaxy S7.

Readers are advised to take all the information with a grain of salt as these are based on leaks and are not confirmed by Samsung.