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Samsung Retains Its Smartphone Crown

BN-MA492_CEScmo_G_20160108171909Samsung has released its quarterly sales figures for the last three months and there isn’t anything surprising here. Samsung has managed to sell more than 81 million smartphones worldwide. Meanwhile, apple came at a distant second with a sales figure of 74.5 million iPhones sold.

the top smartphone maker has warned of a tough quarter which lies ahead due to drastic fall in the demand for the smartphones overall. all the major markets worldwide have reached a stagnation point. Even apple, which posted the best quarter in the history of modern mankind, mentioned that it is lowering the estimate for the coming quarter due to the failing economies in most of the countries that it operates.

“This was Samsung’s fastest growth rate for almost two years and it helped Samsung to stay ahead of Apple and maintain first position with 20% share for the quarter and 22% share for the full year,” wrote Strategy Analytics’ Linda Sui in a blog post Thursday

Although Samsung’s smartphone business is failing, it is looking elsewhere for its major growth. It introduced a slew of new and exciting products and services like The Gear VR, Gear S2 and Samsung Pay Services that dripped innovation.

other division such as the semiconductor and display division have reportedly increase in profits.

For almost two years now, apple has been beating its Korean counterpart at the top end while the lower end and mid-range segment is experiencing severe competition from Chinese and India manufacturers.

In all this turmoil, Samsung and apple are looking towards India as it next money spinner. China and U.S. have saturated. only 40% of the phones sold in India are smartphone. this gives a unique opportunity for Samsung to return the growth to its profits if it manages to sell more number of smartphone in the country.

Samsung is the leader in the Indian sub-continent but there is huge potential to grow. it has to grab the opportunity before apple steals the show.