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Samsung to Launch Tizen Smartphones in More Countries


Samsung Electronics has now planned on introducing Tizen smartphones in numerous markets which includes the United States, Russia, Korea, China, Malaysia, India and some European countries. The smartphone is said to be released within the second half of this year.

The new models that will be released include the Z2 which will feature a 1GB RAM, a 32-bit quad-core CPU along with a PLS TFT-LCD display panel with a resolution of 960×540. Plus the smartphone will have a 2000mAh battery under its hood along with the New Tizen 3.0 UI.

Previously Samsung had introduced the Z1 in some countries such as India and Bangladesh as it is a low cost handset having only a four inch PLS WVGA panel with a resolution of 800×480. Plus it features a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a 786MB of RAM. The smartphone is priced only at $92.53 and was purchased by around 100,000 consumers during its first month in the market.

An industry expert stated that Samsung Electronics is now focusing to dominate the IoT platform market and become ahead of others by using Tizen and the idea of releasing Tizen phones in more countries is a testimony that Samsung wants to establish the Tizen ecosystem.