Android update

People who are using the US carrier Cellular’s branded Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy Note Edge have now started to receive the Android 5.0.1 update.

The update has been sent out today by the carrier. Users also have the option of syncing with their PC, head over to Samsung Kies and avail the update from there.

Plus if anyone of you is waiting for the OTA update, US Cellular has requested that you should use a Wi-Fi connection for downloading and installing it because of the huge size of the file.

Android update Samsung

This Android Lollipop update also includes the Material Design which gives a fresh and colorful vibe. Apart from this another addition is the Lock Screen notifications and Smart Lock.

This new Smart Lock feature basically allows you to unlock your phone by pairing it with a trusted device like an Android Wear that is powered by a smartwatch.

As the carrier has sent this update is waves many of you might not be able to receive the update today or even tomorrow. So don’t worry just sit and relax because the update will come within a few days.